Model Deflametec is a series of robust and reliable, simple to install ultraviolet flame detectors designed for installation in a large array of locations. The Model Deflametec flame detector greatly reduces the chances of false activations due to its narrow spectral range, which equals the light radiated from the oxidation of carbon found in carbon fires, making the flame detector insensitive to hot surfaces as often found in many process and machinery spaces and capable of operating outdoors.


The Model Deflametec can be used in industrial as well as commercial applications in all areas where flame detection is needed. The Deflametec can furthermore be used in ATEX areas Zone 2. The Deflametec is water and dust proof making them highly functional in most applications found.


– Detection delay and responds can be programmed to suit the need,

– Can detect a 2cm x 20cm size flame 30m away within 5 seconds,

– Can detect a 30cm x 30cm size flame 50m away within 5 seconds,

– Designed for no false activations due to its narrow spectral range,

– Outputs are relay signals minimizing the of additional fire panels,

– Have a monitoring angle of 140 degrees vertical and horizontal.